Why is Vortex the only optical brand we list at the moment?

There are many optical retailers in the UK that sell a fantastic range of stock from incredible high-end binoculars and spotting scopes through to those that cost you a few tenners and 'do the job'. Our previous and current employments have given us a sound grounding in optical retail and the equestrian world and with continuing rather hectic lives we chose to keep it local and low key by combining the two in the Cotswolds and visited equestrian events whenever time allowed. This time is now getting less and less so we have set up Racing Binoculars as a foray into the world of online optics selling

Why just Vortex though? Well, being based in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds near Chipping Norton, we found that their UK distributor is not too far away from us and with previous experience of the brand we decided it was a good a place to start as any.


The Vortex Unlimited Lifetime Warranty

The choice behind Vortex was made a lot easier by their market-leading Warranty. Quite simply, if you have an accident with your Vortex optic, even if YOU drop them, leave them on the roof of you car and drive off leaving them bouncing along the road in your rear-view mirror, the dog chews them, etc etc - it simply does not matter. Being family owned, Vortex look upon your purchase as you having spent your hard-earned cash on something that they have produced and they want YOU to be happy and taken care of in the event of an accident, even if it was your fault.

The only instances that the Vortex Unlimited Lifetime Warranty does not cover are loss/theft of your optic, cosmetic damage that does not affect the use of the optic, damage to the lens surfaces by improper cleaning or malicious/purposeful damage to the optic.

All stock items are official UK imports. Any warranty issues will be handled in the UK by the UK Importer.


What's in a name? Absolutely nothing to be honest!!

Racing Binoculars is just our name, it does not imply that the optics we sell are only suitable for watching equestrian events, in fact we don't think we have ever seen a Spotting Scope or Rangefinder being carried around a Point-to-Point or Horse Trials! We anticipate the majority of sales so far are for general wildlife observation or bird watching, especially the higher end Razor HD spotting scopes.

If you'd like to know more about anything that we do not cover on the website, please feel free to drop us a line using the email link below.
Many thanks!

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