Vortex ROR Lens Cleaner 1oz Dropper Bottle

Vortex ROR Lens Cleaner 1oz Dropper Bottle

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Vortex ROR Lens Cleaner 1oz Dropper Bottle

Product Description

Invented with professional and amateur photographers in mind, ROR is used today by the military, NASA, astronomers, scientists, hospitals, laboratories and universities.

ROR has redefined the science of lens care by utilizing a formula of natural ingredients that removes the counterproductive, microscopic oil residues from the surface and pores of glass and plastic.

ROR is specifically designed to emulsify and remove microscopic oil residues from the surface and pores of glass and acrylic.

When you clean an optical surface with ROR you will observe a difference in brightness and clarity. For the first time, you will experience pollution free, unimpeded vision. Because ROR removes microscopic oil residues, dust has nothing to adhere to allowing the surface to remain cleaner longer.

ROR is safe and versatile for all delicate surfaces. It has been tested and used on everything from multicoated lenses to beryllium surfaced contacts and has proven time and again to be the finest and safest optical cleaning treatment on the market today.

Protect your investment through regular ROR cleaning and maintenance and your equipment will endure and perform excellently for years to come.

Guidelines for using ROR

The commonest damage to glass surfaces and optical coatings is caused by rubbing in fine particles on the surface.

Use a can of compressed air or a blower brush to remove any particles that may be on the surface.

Place a few drops or spray a little ROR on the surface then wipe gently with a lens cleaning cloth or tissue.

Untreated micro-fiber cloths also work well as long as you wash them frequently and keep them dust free in a pouch or container. Treated micro fiber cloths can integrate poorly with ROR, leaving a residue on the surface. We recommend you wash and dry the cloth before proceeding with your application.

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